Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hacking ruined my night

Last night MrPea and I went to see Pirates3, well I should say we tried to. When we go to the movies, we try to get there early because my tall,long-legged husband is most comfortable near the aisle. My 4'11" self could care less as long as I have extra butter on my salty as hell popcorn and the people behind me don't put their nasty feet on the back of my chair or next to me. On my way to get said popcorn that costs a damn arm and leg, I stopped by the bathroom and I could hear someone in one of the stalls coughing really loud. I thought to myself," I recognize that cough. I had that cough just weeks ago. Sounds like she's got that never ending dry cough when one gets rid of a nasty flu, poor thing.(Then selfishly)Oh, I hope she's not watching the same movie I am...." Sure enough, when I got back with our munchies MrPea whispered to me(in French so as not to hurt her feelings because we're polite like that),"There's someone sick in here, coughing. Do you want to move?" I don't mean a little, "heff, heff" every five minutes, this women was hacking loudly every 5 seconds. By this time the theatre had filled up so unless we wanted to blind ourselves by sitting in the front row, there was really no where else to go. I said,"Maybe she'll stop."

-15 minutes into the movie I thought to myself,"Surely she'll pop a cough drop or something."
-30 minutes: "Wow she's really hacking it up, surely she figure out it's disturbing and excuse herself. She should see a doctor."
45 minutes: "Great. I'm going to catch her disease."
1 hour: "How rude! She has to know how distracting this is. She should really leave! If I hear her cough one more time I'm going to strangle myself. I don't even know what the hell is going on this movie because I can't hear a damn word over her infernal effing coughing!"

We weren't the only ones who were annoyed. I saw more than a few people turn around in the dark to see who it was and heard people whispering things they wish would happen to that woman that I won't repeat here. Finally we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and just left. I guess most people would have said something or complained to the manager but really what good would it have done? We probably should have just left right away and came back another time or tried to trade our tickets for a later showing but, naively, I always believe the best in people. That really, most people are polite and care about whether or not they are ruining someone else's good time. I truly believed that she would figure out her coughing was disturbing everyone and excuse herself because that's what a polite person would do. That woman had to know that her coughing was ruining the movie for just about everyone in that theatre. Actually she knew and she didn't care otherwise she would not have went to the movies in the first place. I get disgusted by that kind of attitude:"Well I'm having a good time, screw everyone else!" When I'm sick,which, if you've been reading here a while, is often, I quarantine myself because 1.nobody wants my sick germs 2.the coughing and sniffling is gross and rude grandma taught me good manners dammit!

But anyway.....I got over it.

We went to get some hot wings since it was still a nice night and I didn't really feel like going home yet. I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered some squash and had a couple of MrPea's wings. Big mistake(the squash not the wings) because at 3 in the morning I woke feeling soooo nauseous and crawled to the bathroom to do some hacking of my own.(sorry if I grossed you out) Food poison, my favorite. I even fainted in the hallway as a cherry on top. I'm not sure how long I lay there, wondering if I should curse the restaurant where we ate or the hooping cough disease infested, germ spreading, Johnny Depp movie ruining bitch!(and you know how I feel about Johnny) After a while I felt ok enough to run some water over my face and wet a wash cloth to put over my forehead so that I could go back to sleep. If you're wondering why I didn't call for my husband to come to my aid, it's because he's been through so much, worrying over and nursing all my sicknesses in the past damn year(and lately there has been a worrisome occurrence that may or may not be related to my thyroid cancer that I will post about later that has us a little concerned) I just didn't want him to wake up to his wife passed out and suffering on the floor in the damn hallway. I'm pretty sure one of these things would have happened: him having a complete total nervous breakdown or him freaking out and rushing me unnecessarily to the emergency room. But all is well now. I went back to sleep, not before explaining to him, the light sleeper he is, what happened. I'm feeling better. He didn't get sick so I'm thinking it was the effing squash. So I don't send any curses to anyone. It wouldn't be polite.



thethinker said...

I hate people who ruin movies for others. I've seen people talk to each other, answer cell phones and hold conversations, and do other really annoying things. One of my major pet peeves is when people bring babies into extremely violent/inappropriate movies, especially because they usually won't leave when the baby starts to cry.

Hel said...

That is why I hardly ever go to the movies. First I just get a bit irritated, then I start feeling hot and eventually I feel like my skull is going to burst if I on't hit something.

And the harder I try to ignore it the less I am able to.

And then to get sick - very frustrating.

super des said...

We wen to the movies on Friday and Craig was doing the hacking. He was holding it in except for during the loud parts (it was a documentary about a rick-n-roller, so there were plenty of loud parts) and I sitting next to him didn't really notice his coughing. He even considered not going. He was nowhere near the magnitude of your new best friend.

I'm sorry you got food poisoning. That's my least favorite thing.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I hope you’re feeling better by now.

I could never attend (or enjoy) a film if I were as sick as the hacking lady.

whiskeymarie said...

We went to a movie Saturday & the ONLY people being loud A**holes were directly next to us. Crunching, unwrapping candy after candy, talking...
I behaved & didn't start anything, but only because I didn't want to ruin "date night" for the Mr.
Movies aren't much fun anymore, it seems.
Sorry 'bout the illness. Not fun.

flutter said...

oof, the puke. She is awful. I hope you are feeling better

thailandchani said...

I don't care for going out to movies for the same reason. There's nothing that can't wait for Netflix.

The woman definitely should have left... and hopefully someone made it clear to her that, sick or not, she has the obligation to be considerate of others.

What a jerk!

The food... uck!



Marymurtz said...

Man, after hearing about the guy with TB flying to Greece and back, I would have flipped out having someone hacking all through the movie nearby.

The theater manager should have asked her to leave. What is wrong with people????

Aimee said...

oh my goodness. That sounds like a night worth remembering. ACK!

Stupid squash.

Also, the movie was lame. You didn't miss much - except seeing Johnny.

OH! which, by the way, Disneyland added his character to the Pirates ride and it looks SO AWESOME. Like, just like him. It's crazy.