Monday, May 14, 2007

No gogo boots just yet, just some random thoughts

Just for the sake of randomness, after all, it is Monday.

-I can't seem to find anything in that damn closet of mine, especially photos of my hot mom in gogo boots from the 60s, except my shoes all over the floor.

-We had a run in with a couple of belligerent, yet slutty-in-a-funny-way drunk women on Saturday night. Story to follow when I have more than a few minutes.

-The beach was so foggy in the morning this weekend, I felt like I was having a facial.(picture above)I love it.

-The smoke from the damn fires(Florida is on fire-if you've been seeing it on the news) are driving me ape-crazy. With the wind shift the smoke is now heading the other way but without a decent rainstormm, the smell and soot are still in the air.

-Peanut murdered another lizard, a big one. It was disgusting.

-I'm over being the only girl/designated driver every time we go out. I have to constantly remind all the drunk idiot boys around me to use their inside voice. I'm not anyone's mother hen and I'm not gonna do it anymore.

-Golfers get on my nerves. Ok well not golfers but golf on tv. Poker on tv too since we're on the topic. Who the hell came up with the idea of, "hey let's sit around and watch a bunch of people in bad clothes and jewelry, and 1980s sunglasses play cards!" Someone please explain to me, Why is poker on ESPN? But back to golfers, if I see one more middle aged guy with a fluorescent orange, pink, or lime green shirt on with those stupid logos at the grocery store, I'm gonna have to say something.

-Maybe I'm the belligerent one? I haven't been drinking, it's all natural. Must be the smoke residual.


Jay said...

Stop inhaling!

Actually, that might be difficult.
It's probably best, on the whole, to keep breathing...but if the smoke is making you want to hit golfers...actually, that's just funny.

Carry on.

super des said...

Ew I hate breathing smoke. But I love a foggy beach and I love that picture.

When will the lizards learn?

Madge said...

I can't believe you took that picture in FL! It's sooooooooo lovely.

Laurie said...

Last August through early October were smoky here. It was awful and it did wear on a person. You are allowed to be belligerent.

flutter said...

Look at that gorgeous beach

thailandchani said...

It will be interesting to hear the story about the belligerent drunk women. I'm sure you'll put a funny twist on it. :)

"Use your inside voice." Good one!



Shanshu said...

Slutty drunk girls story! You should totally tell us about the slutty drunk girls. I mean, if you're bored and want to blog, but aren't sure what to blog about? You should do it about slutty drunk girls. I think it would be good to post about that.

Slutty drunk girls? Yes? Maybe?

You should.

gwadzilla said...

why are these things on television?

because people watch them

I am a total TV head...
but I do not care for much that I watch

what boggles my mind?

that they call poker and pool sports!

is that a sport?
I think not

neither is bowling

but croquet!
that is a sport