Friday, May 18, 2007

Freedom Rock

I saw my doctor yesterday and I'm taking antibiotics and today I'm feeling a little better.

So as promised here are some pictures of the slutty drunk women who accosted my husband and his friend at the bar Saturday night.

We were looking to see if the band was playing good music. The bar was full of ex-hippies since the band was doing a lot of 'freedom rock'covers. Remember that funny commercial?

I knew something interesting would happen. Plus I like most of that music anyway.

I was the designated driver-again. My husband and his friend C(the blonde guy in the blue shirt) were cracking dirty jokes all night and making fun of the people dancing. One of those two ladies(the one in the tank top) came behind C and hit him in the side of the head and said,"Hey you little shit, we see you guys laughing over here! Show us what you got smartass!" And forced him onto the dance floor. My own husband, shocked and now speechless, stayed still. TankTopLady came back for him too, grabbing him, roughly, I should say, by the wrist.(that's him in the last pic wearing a white shirt) He's not the type that can be forced into dancing when he doesn't feel like it but these women were pretty aggressive so he just walked up there for a few seconds said hello to the other one and went back to where I was laughing my ass off. TankTopLady noticed he was gone and flipped us both the finger-both fingers and then turned around to continue dancing and molesting C with her friend. After the song was over, C came back, sat down and ordered another drink. TankTopLady walked outside to smoke. We were sitting right in front of the window, ok can you guess where this is going? So as she passed by our view she flashed us . C is freaking out, I'm about to pee in my pants laughing-or I should say skirt, MrPea is
saying, "omigawd! what the.." They get up and decide to go the bathroom, I'm guessing to hide from CrazyTankTopLadyWhoJustMolestedThem&FlashedUs. In the bathroom, a guy says to them,"Hey I saw you guys dancing with my wife." Them:"" They weren't exactly sure how her husband was feeling about the 'incident' but apparently he didn't see her because he replied,"Yep she's a handful, you're lucky she didn't show you her boobs."


super des said...

ha ha ha.
Yet another reason why I avoid bars.

Marymurtz said...

Thank you for reminding me why I stopped drinking. LOL!

thailandchani said...

Oh, geez! Such stories! I'm so glad I'm way too old for those places. LOL



Maurey Pierce said...

Hilarious. Seriously. I went out a couple of weekends ago for the first time in a LONG time and was shocked at how forward/skanky people have gotten. One guy actually asked to play with my ... shudder.