Thursday, May 29, 2008

Psychoman better watch out!

I finally got some pepper spray. I've been needing to get it for a long time now. I have to admit, and I've mentioned this before, I'm pretty paranoid. I always think everyone is a psychoman in disguise just waiting to kidnap me circa Silence of the Lambs and try to make an 'Angel suit.' I saw that movie when I was 15 and it ruined any sense of security I ever had. If Peanut and I are walking and I see someone walking towards me, I usually cross the road and walk on the other side, just in case it's psychoman. But one can never be too careful because, you know, psychoman can be hiding in the bushes. One morining when I was 19, I was out walking my pup in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood. There was a psychoman waiting for me crouched over on someone's driveway rubbing, um, himself on the asphalt. I called the police but they never found him. Doesn't matter though, psychoman is everywhere waiting for the right opportunity. Another time I was at a book store when I noticed a psychoman standing behind me trying to take a picture of my underwear with his cell phone. I screamed some serious profanities at him loud enough to make him run out of the store and into his psychovan. Then there was that psychoman incident at the pool. Not to mention another psychoman incident at Big Lots a couple months ago. I never told ya'll about that did I? Well I was checking out some picture frames when I noticed a man who, actually at first, I thought was my dad. I was just about to say hello but realized it wasn't my dad, it was a total stranger. He must have thought I was checking him out or something because he started talking to me. He asked me where I was from. I was polite but not friendly. I answered but then said I didn't have time to talk to anyone. He started making really creepy comments about how nice he thought my legs were. Again, polite, I said,"oh. ok. Have a good day." Then he kept following me and asked if my tan was natural and did I have tan lines and what kind of bathing suit do I have and do I have my bathing suit on underneath my clothes. I said, "ok, I'm sorry, this is creeping me out now. I really don't want to talk to you." He said,"ok nice talking to you." I thought that encounter was over. I was wrong. He kept passing by whatever aisle I was in. I got irritated and just decided to pay for my things and leave. Couldn't leave. Guess why. Yep, psychoman was standing near the exit watching. I pretended to look at vacuums just to see if I was correct for starting to get freaked out. I was. He started looking at vacuums too. So I just quickly walked out and got to my car as fast as I could. As I'm backing out, psychoman was standing in the middle of the damn parking lot watching me leave. When I told my friend Dee about it, she told me I should've called the police or at least told a store employee. She's right, but honestly I just wanted to leave, I was more irritated than scared. Every woman I know has a story like that and more than one so it's not like I think I'm special or that Psychoman just always picks me. This happens so frequently and it seems like we've all just accepted that it's a part of life. This makes me furious.

Don't think I'm sexist, psychoman doesn't nessesarily have to be man. A few months ago there were reports of some women going up to people asking what time it was and then hitting them in the face to snatch their purses at the grocery store where I shop.

Now I'm not saying that pepper spray is needed just because someone is bothering me at Big Lots, but I would have felt better knowing I had pepper spray in case psychoman tried to take it to the really scary level, like try to grab me. A close friend of mine got grabbed in a public bathroom at a department store. Luckily, she was strong and fought him off. Of course the police were called but he was long gone by the time they arrived.
SO now that I have my pepper spray I feel a little safer going on walks or jogging because if psychoman is hiding in the bushes I got something for him. Don't try it Psychoman. ok? Cuz Little Pea don't play.

I don't need to get on a soap box and tell ya'll to always protect yourself. I mean you guys out there too. Always trust your instincts and let's put that, "oh I don't want to be impolite" way of thinking behind us. Psychoman never attacked anyone because they were impolite. ( I got that tip from watching Oprah)

Got a creepy psychoman story? Leave me a comment so we can commiserate.....


flutter said...

I think you just made me pee my pants a little

seventh sister said...

I think you are running into all of the creeps because you are in Florida. At least I seemed to run in to an unusual amount of them when I lived there.

AJH said...

There are professional gangstalking organizations out there. I don't why they pick on certain persons, but they can make life hell. Look at:

for an analysis of what is called "gangstalking".

Mariposa said...

Your highness,I hear you, and I feel for you...just excuse me for chuckling everytime I read the word's how you address it...

Well, I do get into moments like you've mentioned too...maybe bec I am well, petite...only 5'2 1/2" (1/2 matters a lot! so let it stay there LOL) and I'm maybe they're thinking I'm fragile. Well, I'm NOT!

One unforgettable incident was when somebody tried to grab my bracelet while I was walking my out from Shakey's (here in my place) to the parking. My reflexes worked...and I kicked him and punch him, and next thing I knew, his nose was bleeding. Then, I pulled him and we crossed the street bec the police station was just acrossed! When we got there, police men were interrogating me instead, on what I used to punch him bec his nose kept bleeding! Crazy!

When Mom got to the police station...he freaked out laughing. She knows ALL the money she paid for my taewondo paid off!

And yes, I have tear gas in my purse...always!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

You're like a psychoman magnet lady! Jeez.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You are a psychoman magnet because you're very cute and very small.

Keep that pepper spray handy and wear good shoes for running.

hele said...

I was once walking through an open air flea market in Durban when a psychoman tried to grab me between the legs (I kid you not) Luckily I was a practicing martial artist at the time so as he reached his target I punched him and yelled. He got such a fright.

I still felt horrible afterwards though and sort of wondered why he decided to pick on me. Yet whenever I remembered the look on his face I felt better.