Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lounge Lizard

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Pure Laziness. I offer no excuses for why I've been posting so little and visiting even less. What can I say, life is blissfully boring right now. Summer.

Ok in my defense I had such a crappy January, February and most of March with all those health issues. Then my in-laws came in April and I had to speak/comprehend French all the time with my tiny vocabulary, not to mention my poor mother-in-law's emergency surgery. So for the past few weeks I've been filling my mind with much needed 'nothingness'. And it's been wonderful.

Another thing I've been trying to do is get back into an exercise routine. Because of my crappysick winter and the fact that I was stuffing my face when my in-laws were visiting, I put on a few pounds. I only admit exactly how much to my sister. It's not so much the number that bothers me because I'm not really trying to lose weight(however, and small people chime in here, when you're 4'11",an extra 10 pounds might as well be 20) but I just want to be healthy. Strolling on the beach looking for shark teeth is only a workout for my eyes.

Last weekend I went to the pharmacy to get a passport picture taken. My last passport photo was AWFUL just AWFUL. So this time I was ready. Make up, perfect. Hair, check! The poor girl couldn't figure out how to use the camera. She said she couldn't make it zoom so she had to take it from up close. Suddenly about 5 people walked up and started asking her for stuff. She got flustered and confused. So guess who also got flustered and confused thus making a flustered and confused face for the picture? Should I just go ahead and pay the 6 bucks for a new one dammit? Just go to your bathroom mirror and imagine having to solve a difficult math problem. Are you making a face? That's my picture.


Whiskeymarie said...

Six bucks? I say get one you like so that you don't have to make that same face to the customs officials when you travel.

No worries about posting- we all do it at one point or another. It's supposed to be fun, don't worry about it.

flutter said...

ok that lizard is seriously cute

Mariposa said...

Reading this, I was chuckling the whole time for whatever reason...and I realized how much I missed reading your post!

Six...bucks?! No way! Get a better one! ;)

seventh sister said...

Spend the $6. You will be stuck with thhe photo for 10 years.

hele said...

Make some space in the nothingness for me - it sounds delightful.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I think that if you're a short girl you have to be very skinny or very fat. There is no middle ground. And I say this as someone who is 5' 2" and is edging very close to that middle ground. That middle ground which pretty much equals FAT.