Friday, May 09, 2008

I never get a Thanks

When someone does something really stupid and then gets hurt as a result of that stupid something, I usually have a hard time feeling sorry. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry but my pity comes more from the fact that that person is so stupid than the fact that he/she got hurt. Call me a bitch, I guess.

I save the softest part of my heart for children and pets of stupid people. Those are the ones I feel the sorriest for. I could never sit back and let something bad happen to a child or helpless animal because of her parent's/owner's stupidity. I actually saved a child's life once and instead of thanking me his STUPID mother was mean to me. A long time ago I was in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry. A woman came in with a little boy who was about 2 or 3. There was a front and back door and the front door was facing a tiny parking lot and very busy street. I was sitting next to the front door reading a book and mentally babysitting this child because he was playing with some mini METAL cars next to some ELECTRICAL OUTLETS. I also want to add that she was dressed fairly nice but for whatever reason decided not to put any clothes except a diaper on her kid, and he had no shoes or socks on, even though it was 60 degrees outside. I also want to add that she had perfect makeup on, but didn't think wiping the ketchup from her son's face was a good idea. After about 5 minutes, the mother decided to go to the back door to smoke and flirt with a man who was repairing the screen who made a nasty comment about my legs just ten minutes before. No she did not bring her little boy with her. She just left him there with me, a PERFECT STRANGER. I assumed she was watching him from where she was-a big assumption. He kept calling,"Momma! Momma!" After a minute he just ran out the front door into the parking lot towards the street. Without even looking to see if his mother was coming I ran out after him just in time to grab him before he reached the street. When I brought him to his mother, she hadn't even noticed what the hell had just happened and was still there puffing away. When I told her what happened and handed her her little boy she said nothing for a few seconds a gave me the dirtiest, bitchiest look and said,"I thought he was with you!" I wanted to slap her, there I was freaking out, my heart beating a thousand times a minute and she's pissed off at me like it's my fault. Ok this was almost ten years ago and I still can't come up with a response to that. Why the hell I was non-verbally assigned to babysit for someone I'd never met in my life for free, I don't know. I didn't even say anything, I just went back to my book. Because of this I have bad feelings towards laundromats and we've never again lived in a place that didn't have a washer and dryer. OK and before any parents go and tell me about kids and how fast they are even under the strictest surveillance, I have 6 nephews ok. 6. I can garan-damn-tee that neither of my sisters, one of whom still smokes, have never been interested in hanging out at the back door of a laundromat flirting with a trashy guy thinking everything was fine because a PERFECT STRANGER was watching her kid.

Well this happened to me AGAIN. TODAY! Mr.Pea and I were eating lunch at a restaurant on their outdoor patio. A couple brought their dog and tied him to a chair. They both went inside to order. Why they tied him to a chair under the HOTDAMN 90 degree Florida sun with no shade and both needed to go inside, I don't know. Especially since they both looked like intelligent people. The poor lab was obviously trying to be a good boy since they told him to stay but was so hot and wanted to lay down about 2 more feet away under a tree. I went over to move the chair for him after a couple minutes because I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly the guy comes out and says,"What's going on?" Like I'm trying to steal or something. I said, "He was trying to pull the chair to lay down in the shade so I was moving it." He looked at me like I was trying to murder someone. I said,"I'm not trying to steal him or anything." I was trying to make him laugh since apparently I must look like a criminal up to no good. I thought he would get it and say, oh ok thanks. He just said in a mean voice," Yeah well, we're all hot. Come here boy, it's ok."

F- YOU! Ok I didn't say that but I wanted to. I did however, smirk, when the dog walked to the shade on his own and laid down wagging his tail and looking at me. poor dog. At that point, I would have stole him, if I could have, just so he wouldn't have to have such a jerk for an owner.


super des said...

I hate people.
It reminds me of a time when I worked at the bookstore and I, arms full of books, asked a customer if she needed any help. She said "yeah, can you watch him for a minute?" and pointed at her baby on the floor. I was like, "That's not what I meant, because I'm already at work and it doesn't include childcare.
Anyway, I didn't save anyone's life but it still annoyed me to no end.

And I think it's good that incident turned you off from laundromats forever. You can't trust people who don't have laundry in house.

flutter said...


Whiskeymarie said...

You show AMAZING restraint. I'm pretty sure I would have dropped several f-bombs in my reply to that insensitive turd.
I like to think that what goes around comes around.

seventh sister said...

Some folks just don't get it, do they?

hele said...

I also sometimes feel like becoming a pet avenger and taking out the stupid people while I am at it.

How awesome is the picture of the beach? What I would give for one day, no one week of strolling it along it with you making plans to search and destroy smug dog owners.

Mariposa said...

I so heard you here...and I agree with you!

Some people are just unbelievably stupid!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have stolen dogs from abusive owners and found them better homes, and I'm not sorry.

I have never stolen a child, although when my youngest was in kindergarten, another little girl came home with her and the mother didn't pick her up. I kept calling her but got no answer, so I finally put the child to bed with mine, washed her clothes and took them both to school in the morning with lunches. She came home again with my daughter and this continued for three days. I continued to wash her clothes because she was much too big to wear my child's things.

When I finally reached the mother, she said, "Oh, I forgot."

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