Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No news is good news???

Apparently it has to be for now. I went to my endocrinologist today to find out if any cancer cells were still hanging around but the results from my body scan I had on Monday were not in yet. I think I'll find out tomorow or Monday but at least I can get back on my thyroid replacement meds again because I was totally running out of batteries. I won't even go into how awful I've been feeling the past couple weeks. Plus if I need radioiodine again it wouldn't be until Feb so I'll have some time to recover from feeling like CRAP until then. Just hearing that has a healing effect! I do have a feeling that I would need another round but I'm ok with that if that's what I need to do. So it was sort of good news.

But....we got some sad news when we got home. My father-in-law, my beaupere, our Captain is in the hospital. He had chemotherapy for lung cancer this past spring and it seems he's having problems again. I know I already posted this picture before but this picture of him romancing his wife(singing french love songs dammit!) on their anniversary is one of my favorites. So I'm sending out all the hope I have in my heart that he gets well soon....

We love you Captain! Man of steel! Get the f- out of the f- hospital and get yourself at home with your family who loves you where you belong!

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