Saturday, November 11, 2006

Recent conversation between Neenee and I

(Neenee is one of my older sisters-she lives like a gazillion miles away-needless to say we talk on the phone at least once everyday, sometimes twice)

Me: You know what I can't stand? When the phone rings and the caller ID says Blocked call or Private.

Neenee: I know right?!

Me: Like you're the f-ing president or something- you need to BLOCK YOUR NUMBER! Ooh your name and number has to be top secret!

Neenee: Omigosh I know-so dumb!

Me: You know what? I don't even answer, I feel like, if you're calling my house and you don't want me to know who you are before I pick up the phone, YOU DON'T NEED TO BE CALLING MY HOUSE THEN SMARTASS!

Neenee: Me either-you know what gets on my nerves?

Me: huh

Neenee: When people call and right after you say hello, they go, "Who's this?"

Me: So rude! How the hell hard is it to say-I'm sorry I looking for so and so-is this the right number?

Neenee: You know what I do? I go, "Uh-ah you called MY house, who the hell are YEEEW?"

Me: That's what I'm going to say next time.....rude people-I swear....

We had a pretty productive conversation I think

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