Friday, August 18, 2006

Peanut update

Peanut wasn't allowed to come home today :o( His doctor says he's doing fine but for recovery reasons and safety, he has to spend one more night. I was told he is really unhappy about having to stay in a kennel but I'm not surprised. This is a dog who has free range of this house and an expensive chair we have yet to sit in because he claimed it as his "living room bed" the moment it was brought into the house so I expected him to be a difficult patient. What can I say-he's the king in this house. Honestly it's pretty sad being in here without his face. Frankly it's pretty depressing. Anyone who's right now thinking,"get over it, it's just a dog" can might as well just not ever visit this blog ever again because people who don't understand how much we pet owners love our animal family members either have never had/loved a pet before or are emotionally limited ___________(bleeps). I think the latter is actually more accurate because I've seen a lot of people who do have pets but don't treat them like family members and frankly I don't see what the point in even having one would be in that case.......

Anyway so that's our Peanut update, other than that everything else is going ok. Well.....I'm sad too that Neenee had to go home(and so is she) but she's keeping her chin up.

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