Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No pix today

Why?? Because I'm too lazy and it's a beautiful day. Peanut came home on Friday morning and his surgery wound was left open for healing-gross. He slept all day but by Saturday he was back to normal. I can tell that he's feeling better since he's already stalked and killed a lizard, picked a fight with a water snake, and tried to steal a corn muffin from MrPea's lap(I have to get a better nicname for my hub than that-I'm open to suggestion ya'll). He has a follow up appointment tomorow but I'm sure he's just fine.
I really have no other news for now, my groupies. Well I do, but for now I gotta keep it zipped.....those of you in the know will understand when I get over my laziness and finally upload some pictures that were taken during my trip to Neenee's house. Anyway I'll have some better posts coming up very soon I promise..... Here are some upcoming titles with not so subtle hints-"A Creepy Man Scared me at the pool last week", "I gave someone the evil eye and I don't feel the least bit guilty", "Random Insensitive Things I've had people say to me","Random insenesitive things I've caught myself saying to people","Topics only my husband is allowed to talk to me about", "Occupations,Errands,Duties I wasn't born on this Earth to perform", and more.....

I have some more in the works and also some great pictures coming up-don't abandon me yet, forgive my laziness. Would it make you feel sorry for me if I said I'd been a little bit sick? No? It was worth a try.

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