Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just admit it already!!!!

A couple weeks ago I was walking with Peanut(as always) near the entrance of our neighborhood. This guy in a yellow jeep(yes yellow) was entering through the gate and I could hear that he had Kelly Clarkson full blast on the stereo. As soon as he saw us he quickly switched to an old Pearl Jam song. In my mind I was like-uh ah too late I already know that you totally love Kelly Clarkson. Just own it, man, play it proudly. I'm not going to laugh. I feel like that fact that he was embarrassed about his own music choice is more pathedic than the fact the he drives a yellow jeep(on purpose) and listens to Kelly Clarkson at full blast. I happen to like Kelly Clarkson, by the way, so why would I make fun?

PS My appointment with my surgeon is on Tuesday so I'll know then when I can start kicking cancer's ass.

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