Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Pix I forgot to show ya'll

Actually I did already post my cellcam version of this one a while back ago but I'm thinking about making a drawing of it to go with my shell in the hand drawing.

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It was alive so of course I put it back in the water that day. I even stayed watching it for a long to time to make sure it didn't get pushed back onto the sand by the tide. I couldn't let it go without pausing to snap a picture of it's blue and peach side. I'm sure I've looked up the name in my field guide and forgot it's name but my field guide happens to be in the other room and I happen to be too lazy to get it.

Look close.
Closer....see him now.
Yes it's a him, I checked. Unfortunately for him something had already made a meal out of his belly. His color pattern is really pretty and this will definitely make for a good drawing. I haven't decided to use pencils or watercolors for this one.

This is a Southern Toad that Peanut got into a fight with. I freaked out because he's ended up in the animal emergency hospital for getting into a fight with a poisonous toad in the past. So I took a picture of this one so I could identify it and make sure Peanut was not in any danger. He must have tasted really badly because Peanut spit him out right away and started shaking his mouth. Luckily for Peanut that was the only discomfort. MrPea was to blame since he was the one holding the leash(for both times.) His pattern is really pretty too but I'm not a big fan of bumps.

And, as promised here are the baby birds I have been admiring. As you can see the mother bird made a safe nest on a shell "welcome" wreathe. She was there all the time when the eggs were not hatched yet but now I never see her. I was beginning to worry but the chicks are getting bigger everyday so she must just be busy. Click for a closer look.
They are even bigger than this now- I checked on them this morning. I only counted 2 but I'm never close enough to really see because I don't want to scare them.

Last week while using a restaurant bathroom I noticed a very important communication. Take note of it peeps, you might need this information some day:"James is hot." "I agree." I'm not quite sure who this James is but if I find out, I'll let you guys know.
And last but not least this was taken last night at 8:30. This is not my beach, it's been too HOTDAMN for me because the wind is still coming from the west. I wanted to look for shark teeth over here but for some reason, there aren't really any here. If the wind doesn't change before I leave on Saturday then I won't be able to look for any shark teeth until next week when low tide is in the evening so it won't be any fun. But the midsummer evening sky is pretty don't you think?


thailandchani said...

That bottom picture is stunning! It's the very thing those of us in urban environments hunger for! :)


justme said...

i love those pictures! i meant to tell you a story. one year, when i was little, i went to captiva island. my mom and i went shelling every day and found a ton of different treasures. we packed 3 HUGE boxes with stuff and sent them home. we got home and then we awaiting our shells. we were shopping somewhere and our mailman came and chased us down and said, "oh my god, i am SO glad i found you" he was carting our shells around and apparently they had some alive critters in there. i have never smelled such foul smells ever in my life. it was terrible and we felt so bad!

LittlePea said...

Thanks Chani that is exactly how the sky looked. I didn't alter the colors in anyway.

Justme! My goodness, I bet that was pretty smelly! I always put medium sized snail shells back on the ground because you never know what's living inside.

hele said...

mmmmm, warm ocean, warm sand and sun. Warrrrmm.

Coooold here.

Laurie said...

Great pics, I especially like the last one!