Sunday, April 12, 2009

Put your ear here

Hear anything?

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I found this big whelk shell the other day and it was like Christmas for me. Not so much because of how huge it was but because I happened upon it whilst thinking of a drawing I've been working on but hadn't quite been persistent enough to finish. There it was rolling in the waves when I saw it and ran towards it before someone else saw. The barnacles are dead by the way, otherwise I would have given it a good throw back into the ocean so as not to commit "barnacide." And lucky for me. It's now gracing the tile floor next to our fire place.

My drawing was based on this photo I took back in September when I found this whelk shell in very much the same way I found BigMama up there.

I was so inspired, I finally finished it last night.

As you can see I took some licence in aligning the horizon because I felt like if I drew it as it is in the photo it would look, well, badly aligned. I couldn't fill in the rest of my hand because I'm not good enough at doing hands thus that triangle of empty space but it's my drawing so I don't really care. I also need to get a frame that covers up my thumb because I was told that it would look too much like a male naughty part to those with dirty you like?

Here's the rest of my find from that day in case anyone was full of suspense. That diamond shaped thing is actually a bone from the head of a Sheep's Head fish-I think. I'll have to look it up. And as you can see I found a Great White tooth so double happiness for that day.

I couldn't end this post without showing you peeps the dead jellyfish which is, by now, the tradition over here so here you are.


justme said...

oh my gosh, that picture is incredible. amazing! i love all of your finds. if i found a shell like that I'd be jumping up and down screaming my head off.

LittlePea said...

Then you'd you be doing exactly as I do. Well maybe not the screaming part but the jumping.

super des said...

your photos and your drawing make me so happy.

LittlePea said...

When you move you'll bee a little closer to the beach so if you get a chance to go you'll have to post your finds :O)

Laurie said...

I love the photos and the drawing. It is snowing and the sky is gray here, your photos and drawing really made my day.


Mariposa said...

Those are really lovely...and when I was young I used to listen to the 'shore melody' through shells too!