Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tips from Pea. The beginning of a new era of knowledge from me to you.

Back when I actually posted more than once a month I had quite a few emails asking for beauty tips. This was pretty funny to me since I am 4'11" so I'm obviously not in the running to be America's Next Top Model. Also I didn't start wearing make up or really care about my hair until I was about 25 but, ok. I don't have very many beau-tay secrets but I do have a few misc. tips and product reviews I can pass on to anyone who might be of a mind to ,er,want to know. Feel free to add your own or shoot mine down but here are a few to tide you over until next time:

1. I hate bugspray. I hate the smell of bugspray. I live in Florida:mosquito breeding ground of the USA. Solution for this problem is Avon Skin So Soft bath oil. I buy it in a spray but the lotion works too. One squirt on my hands is enough to rub on my legs and arms without feeling like a greasy frenchfry. It smells good and for some reason mosquiters don't like it. Buy it. Try it. You won't regret it.

2. I have sensitive skin. I also break out easily. I usually hate most face products aimed at sensitive skin because for some reason everyone in the "skin" industry assumes that people with sensitive skin also have bone dry skin thus creating the heaviest, oiliest face creams that I would only buy if I somehow mutated into a lizardwoman and decided to live in Death Valley. Aveeno Clear Complexion is my go to. Now I've told you. Now you know. Rejoice in that knowledge and spread the word.

3. Ok the Baby Powder in the hair trick. I've heard of this before. Yeah it doesn't work. Don't do it. I tried it once because my hair was flat and oily and I didn't have enough time to rewash. Um. Yeah it just made me look like I had BABY POWDER IN MY HAIR. Maybe my hair is too dark for that trick but I'm not going to dye it just to find out.

4. I drink skim milk because I like to put half and half in my coffee. This isn't really a "tip" of any kind but it's something I do that makes me feel better about how heavy I like my coffee. I play several mind games with myself like this. I feel skinnier already just from telling ya'll.

5. Feet. I have to talk about them. Those of us who spend our lives in flipflops know the horror. Vitamin E. Not the gel that's sold in drugstores in the summer time-although that's pretty good for scars. The cream. Right now I have the BJs store brand and that seems to work well. Vaseline under your socks over night is a squishy thought but trust me, it works.

I have thousands more but I'll have to ration it out, peeps. All 3 of you that are left :O)


Courtney said...

I use Aveeno Clear Complexion, too, but Skin So Soft has never seemed to work for me. I hate the smell and greasiness of bug spray, too, but I've gotta use Deep Woods 99% Deet or I turn into a mosquito buffet. For my hands and feet there's a product I use called Pretty Feet & Hands that has paraffin in it. The paraffin pulls dead skin cells off as you rub it. Oh, and I like using the PedEgg, too. It's not as messy as other microplanes.

super des said...

I swear by vitamin E cream too. I use it as a moisturizer not only on my feet, but hands & face too.

marymurtz said...

Bath and Body Works has a foot cream called "Shea It Isn't So!" that is amazing. I have the scaliest, dryest feet ever, and it works miracles.

justme said...

there is a new spray for mosquitos by off that is out now, I'll have to see what it is, and it smells so good, i don't know how it doesnt ATTRACT bugs.

also, weird, crazy beauty tip that I don't even know if I can explain correctly, but I've used a spoon to curl my eyelashes for years. that way, you don't get those 90 degree angled lashes. i put the spoon upside-down and on top of my lashes. i put my thumb under the lashes, and just press gently enough to curl...also, getting the spoon hot seems to help too.