Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Confession

I hardly ever do this. But it's only because I'm perfect so I have nothing to confess. You guys know this. Right?

Well I have only a couple really boring confessions to make. But, you know it's Tuesday and that's what Tuesday is for.

1. Today I made broccoli, yellow squash and zucchini for my lunch. Er, I should say I burnt broccoli, yellow squash and zucchini for my lunch. Anyone who's ever burnt this trio of veggies or at least broccoli already knows the wonderful aroma that never goes away. Not even after hours of burning a pumpkin spice candle from World Market. Nope, still stanks(the better, more pungent version of the word stinks. Feel free to steal it and add to your own vocabulary. You're welcome). So now my house smells like garbage soup. And pumpkin spice. Great.

2. Sometimes, when I'm too lazy to dig out and lace up my own sneakers, I use MrPea's to take Peanut downstairs to pee hoping no one will happen to walk by and see me. His feet are twice the size of mine so it's easier to just step into them and head out to door for a few seconds. Guess who was seen in really big shoes and laughed at by some of my neighbor's grandkids? Yep.


super des said...

I do the same thing with Jay's shoes. They're right next to the door already!

thailandchani said...

I spilled half a bottle of fish sauce last week. I can still smell it! Good luck! :)


hele said...

The sad truth is that F's shoes are only two sizes bigger than mine. So no-one will even notice. And he not the one with small feet ;)

SUEB0B said...

I'd love to see a photo of you in those shoes!

Whiskeymarie said...

1) I burnt brown rice so badly once that the house stunk for days and I had to throw the pan out.

2) I got busted a few months ago taking the recycling out in my husband's tennies (size 12), jammie bottoms and a white wife beater with no bra.

Feel better?