Monday, November 24, 2008

Help me internets with my superficial(yet important) stuff

-I've been invited to a party given by leaders of the club I joined when I started volunteering for the Democratic Party in my town. The invite says they'll have all the Holiday main dishes and cocktails but to bring a side dish or appetizer. Everything I make is too 'involved' and takes forever. If I have to make a fussy dish, I'll end up not going and these people are my new friends so I want to go. What could I bring that doesn't take too long to make or that I could buy that won't get wasted? I hate cooking otherwise I wouldn't care.

-Um. Yeah. The whole winter clothes shortage is still a problem. Besides my jogging shoes, there's not one pair of shoes in my closet that cover my toes. Every year I tell myself, "This year I'll buy a couple cute outfits that are warm." And every year I end up dressing like Slouchy Smurf. Old raggedy jeans, raggedy tee shirt, old ugly ratty jacket and canvass shoes with my piglet socks. Well guess what. Even that uniform is no longer. The canvass shoes have been thrown out the piglet socks had a hole and I can't look at one more raggedy tee shirt if I want to hold on to my sanity. Ok I still have the jeans-one can never go wrong with jeans I know this. I even have one outfit I could wear and not be embarrassed to be seen in but I don't have the shoes. I can't exactly wear a pretty wool skirt, tights and cashmere sweater with my Asics running shoes. I'm sure I have something strappy and cute I could put on my feet but I'm so sensitive to the cold now. I can't be wearing high heeled strappy sandals when it 40 degrees outside. I would love a cute pair of suede boots but dammit when you're 4'11", boots just look so weird. Like you're a little kid playing dress up in a tall girl's shoes. So, if you guys see anything......I should mention I hate pointy toed shoes, and platform stripper shoes. Oh and I need a new jacket too. So if you see one, send me a link. (I hate the puffy, down blanket looking ones. Love corduroy) I wouldn't be asking for help if I didn't live on Florida you guys. There's no winter clothes here. MrPea is no help either because when I complain to him and ask for his help, he just laughs at me and asks me why I even want to bother when we'll only be cold for a few weeks anyway. Well I refuse to spend another couple months feeling like I shop at the Hobo The Clown store. That's why.

-Should I dye my hair? I usually do in the winter because my hair gets so much sun in the summers. The natural highlights the sun creates looks good in the summer but in the winter when my hair grows out it's natural dark brown, my ends start to look brassy and orangey. I just hate having to pay 90 bucks for something I could do myself for 10. Ok actually I just answered my own question. But the other 2.


super des said...

Bring a pie that you buy. (It rhymes!) Do something a little non-traditional like a cream pie or something - not pumpkin. It is tasty though. :)

As for shoes, you need some boots. I want to be your personal shopper. I like these for myself, and since you won't be in snow, they are safe to wear. Also, for some reason I can walk effortlessly in boot heels even when I can't in sandal heels.

MsLittlePea said...

Oh those are cute. Thanks Des. I'll go try them on this weekend. I love shopping for people too.

marymurtz said...

I'm sorry, I can't get past the fact that 40 degrees is cold. I'm in Nebraska. We dress like eskimos in the winter, and when it's 40 in December, we wear shorts.

MsLittlePea said...

Well sometimes for a few days it goes below freezing. We've had days in the 20s. And I don't believe you! When it was in the 40s in NORTHERN CANADA I'm don't remember seeing anyone in shorts! Even being in subzero temperatures, we were still a bit chilly! Come on!

justme said...

bring some artichoke dip. it's so super easy and it will not go to waste. you put some stuff in a pan, put it in the oven to get it warm and voila. write if you want the recipe.

the hair thing, i have the same problem. my hair is probably about the same color as yours naturally. what i did the other day, is go to the store ULTA. they are offering a color glaze with your purchase of a salon service. I got a haircut and then got the $45 color glaze for free. it's super good for your hair and will fade out in a while. i can't tell you how healthy and shiny my hair looks.

seventh sister said...

You don't say when the party is/was so if it isi not too late I offer this suggestion: veggie plate. You can cut up the veggies or buy them pre cut and arrange them on a platter with some dip in the middle. Take a nice red or green bell pepper and cut it so that it sets up on its bottum. Take out all the seeds and put the dip in it. Pretty, easy and everyone like it.

I am so with you on the shoe thing. I have the same problem.