Monday, September 29, 2008

Find of the day

The slope of the beach is changing now that fall's been tip toeing in. It's a little steeper and the water is getting cooler.

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Yesterday I picked this Knobbed Whelk out of the swash zone. I almost got knocked down but I didn't want the waves to wash it away from me so I had to get a little deeper to get to it. I don't like to go in the water here unless I'm dying from the heat because there are no lifeguards to come after me if I get pulled in from a riptide. Even in knee-deep water this is possible so I keep my distance.

I like that it's not shiny and store-bought looking. It actually looks like it spent some time in the sea and is now old and worn.

Put your ear close, can you hear the ocean? :O) This will make a good subject for some drawings I have in mind.

I also found this tiny purple urchin. It's broken on top but I like the patterns. I have 3 more at home that I'm thinking about making a Christmas ornament with.

That shark tooth is from a Lemon shark I think. The one on top, I'm not sure about.


thailandchani said...

Oh, these are just beautiful! Such a welcome relief from all the political posts I've been reading this morning. :)


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I struck gold! I had my cursor poised over my blogroll, thought of you and hoped there would be beach pictures. Oooh wheee, did I score big today.

These are wonderful shots, I am also an ardent shell collector, and best of all, Sweet Pea didn't get carried off by a rogue wave.

seventh sister said...

Beautiful shell and you got such a great shot of it.

flutter said...

omg that is GORGEOUS