Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random Laziness, plain and simple

-MrPea told me recently that I don't post enough. Well, it's summer and I'm feeling as lazy as a grasshopper. That's all. Plus nothing exciting is going on right now. Mind you, that does not mean life is boring. It just means life is blissfully quiet and slow. Last week all I did was look for shark teeth. Monday through Friday. At least 4 hours each day. That's. all. I. did. You guys know about my obsession, it's not like I'm shy about it. But I'm pretty sure ya'll are sick of hearing about it so I've been leaving out my bragging and posting about it. I do need to post more often, I know this. But it's hurricane season and shark teeth are just rolling in by the millions. If I'm not out there, someone else might get them. I can't let that happen.

-Politics. Ouch. I just have one thing to say. If I hear the words "maverick" or "vetted"one more time, I might puke. People please think of some new words for me. I can't watch the news anymore, I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of experimental focus-group think tank.

-Peanut is constipated. I have no real reason telling you guys this, I was just checking to see if ya'll were still paying attention. He is ,though.


thailandchani said...

Is Peanut getting too much fiber? :)


MsLittlePea said...

Maybe not enough. Too much chicken probably. Plus he steals.

Maurey said...

Add "reformer" to the list. And any comment about how "hot" Sarah Palin is. She is perfectly average.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Constipation is always tough.