Monday, September 15, 2008

Since I haven't posted about shark teeth in a long time

It's safe to assume I had a really good day at the beach today. Mother Nature was so generous to me with her shark teeth.

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Oh does that look like a big handful?

Well actually I got a bigger handful, my peeps. Not including the ones that kept slipping onto the towel.

I just took this to show how diverse the shapes are. That spiky stick thing in the middle is actually a stingray barb and that thing that's shaped like an upside down cup cake on the upper right is actually a puffer fish mouth bone.
I wanted to show off how I can even find the teeny itsy bitsy baby teeth.

Someone asked me how. It truly is like finding a needle in a haystack. Just look at this picture. This is what I'm looking at when I find them.

But once you get used to putting your mind in neutral, your eyes just sort of work on their own.

Before you know it it's been 4 hours and you didn't even notice the time.

*I didn't put that tooth there, honestly. I was actually getting ready to leave when I saw that one and thought I would snap a photo so I could show you guys how hard it is and why I'm so obsessed with "the find". Weather permitting, I will be there all week. YES!


flutter said...

LOL your tag "I can do stuff dammit" just cracked me up

MsLittlePea said...

Well I CAN!

seventh sister said...

Good haul! I used to look for sea glass when I lived in Fla.

New Catholic said...

My wife and I are from the cold Canadian North and would love to have an idea where roughly you were to find these. We understand you wouldn't want to divulge the exact location but a general area would be appreciated. That is a magnificent handful!!