Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It just kept getting better

I wasn't planning to blog another beach post today but yesterday was so full of treasures I had to share.

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This particular shell is not the prettiest in the world but I like them because they are called Baby's Ears. You can see why below.

This one is either a Moon Snail or Sharks Eye. I'm pretty sure it's Sharks Eye. I'm not exactly sure and I'm too lazy to look it up but I have a thousand of them.

You can see how this one met it's demise. I didn't keep it because the last time I encountered one of these shells, something was living in it! My BFF's daughter found it, kept it in a tupperware. She brought it to the beach the next day, we opened the tupperwear and the poor hermit crab was walking around so we let him go. Now I usually leave these small to medium sized shells alone.

Of course I found my usual handful.

But then I saw this one. This big boy was in the water and I risked ruining my camera to get it. I saw it being pulled away in knee deep water and snatched it up. Actually I wasn't even 100% sure it was a tooth until I picked it up. It was a good gamble. (I'd love any excuse to buy a new camera anyway)

A few minutes later and a few feet away I saw this one being pulled away too so I was quick.

Another few minutes later, this one found my toe. It's not as big as the other 2 but it looks like a Great White tooth and it still has ridges so I'm happy about that. (The heart shaped one is from a Tiger Shark and the other one I have no idea as I've never found one like that before.)

I always use a quarter to show the size in case I decide to send the pictures to the Florida Museum of Natural History so they can identify it for me.

It was time to go home but I decided to take one more look. Just five more minutes I thought. This is what I brought back.
I didn't think I would ever find a prettier Whelk snail shell than the one I found Monday but this one is just gorgeous. Look at those burgandy-brown stripes.

No hermit crab inside I promise!


Anonymous said...

I haven't commented in a while. Beautiful shells! Aren't we lucky to live here!? I was in St. Augustine Monday, took a wrong turn and ended up by a beautful marsh! Didn't have time to get to the beach. Next time.


MsLittlePea said...

Yes we are. I think that every day...