Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Bee Random

-Yesterday I accomplished the impossible. I convinced a Republican to vote for Obama. Yes you read that correctly. I even drove him to early vote. I also convinced him to vote no on amendment 2 which discriminates against gay couples (and actually would negatively affect more heterosexual couples who live together and common law couples than gays so I'm not sure how it even got on the ballot). Can you guys believe it? Uh Huh. You're welcome.

-We're looking for a new apartment. There's nothing wrong with this one except for the fact that I'm getting sick of walking up and down several flights of stairs with groceries and/or a dog. Plus electricity costs a damn fortune up here. It's also drafty and with winter creeping in, I'm not in the mood to freeze my behind off again. We're in no hurry though and we're both very specific about what we're looking for. I need lots of windows, a kitchen with plenty of counter space, and my own walk in closet. Mr.Pea requires a fire place, tile floors instead of carpet, and a big porch. We both agree we want a lower price too but that goes without saying. We might end up in a 1/1 if it's nice enough. This idea uneases me a bit as I've hinted at you guys before about my loathe to share a bathroom with him and especially a closet. If my marriage unfolds after we move into a 1/1, you guys will know why.

-I went for coffee with my nephew and we passed by my very first apartment. It was in a first floor of an old house that honestly was 37 steps(I counted) from the beach. The place was drafty, salty, made scary 'old house' noises at night, and the hot water didn't work if someone else in the building was using the outdoor shower but oh how I loved that apartment. The guy who had lived there before painted the walls a soft pale aqua and I remember my gauzy curtains billowing every evening. I had shells all over the place(but no shark teeth as that beach doesn't produce any) and books galore. I rode my bike to work on the beach when the tide was low and drank tea every night on the front porch to the sound of my bamboo windchimes. I was also a hop, skip, and a jump from my favorite coffee shop (which is still there even though Starbucks moved nearby a couple years ago) and a couple skips more from the library. (My dad was particularly pleased about the police station located one block away in case any psychomen tried anything funny with his daughter.) I can't comment on any of the resteraunts since I was too damn poor to eat at any of them. I never had any money. I didn't have a car. My fridge was always sparse, my phone was always being shut off and I was always by myself(because did I mention that I never had any money? Oh yeah I already did. Well I'll just say it again anyway, I was always broke!). But I remember being so happy in that cozy little apartment and wanting to live there for the rest of my life. I'm not sure why but it makes me happy to see that who ever resides there now, kept my sun sticker in the window and happy face I painted on the mail box.

-My allergies are driving me insane. I don't get stuffy nose. I get the bloody-murder-painful sore throat and ears. It's the worst in the mornings when the air is dry. Zyrtec sort of works. Only sort of though.

-My endocrinologist had her baby. The one who told me I couldn't have kids until she said it was ok. I know already told you guys about this but I'm feeling particularly jealous so I though I should mention it again. Anyway her office called me today and said I needed to get some blood drawn this week and suggested I get a flu shot just in case I end up having more cancer crap to do. I'll get the flu shot but if they suggest I need radioiodine again I'm going to say hell no. Which really means can I just put it off a few more months because I was enjoying not having to see them.

I haven't been leaving comments lately, I know. I've been busy and lazy- can you say that in a sentence and still make sense? Ya'll know what I mean. Anyway, you'll see me soon and more often, I promise.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

You're amazing! I hope Obama invites you to the Inaugural Ball.

I don't like sharing a bathroom either, but if you could find something as close to a beach as your first apartment, it would be worth the sacrifice.

When the soul intended for your child is ready, he or she will come along. Somebody that special takes time, that's all.

super des said...

Go Pea!

And the thought of you "freezing your behind off" in FL winter makes me laugh. Come up and see me in MI, babe. We've had the heat on for a month.