Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sqirrel Treefrog Random

-Ok I was on the internets for hours trying to identify that frog. I think I'm right, correct me anyone. I was going crazy. I geek out about that kind of stuff. I don't know much about amphibians only that I used to catch them when I was little and try to keep them as pets in my backyard. I would then start to feel sorry for them and let them go after a couple hours.

-Well there's a huge possibility(as in I'm just about positive) that we might be moving. There are a few options in the lurch all in the state of Florida so I'm happy about that. The likeliest of places will be far away from the ocean, though(sniffsniff). With the exception of the times we lived in California and Louisiana, I have never lived more than a few minutes away from the ocean so I get a little separation anxiety. Spoiled right? Oh well. Wherever we end up, I'll still miss my secret beach. I'm not even going to go into how my heart hurts just thinking about that. But I'm happy. I think I would feel a lot worse if we had to move someplace like Connecticut or Boston. Not that I have anything against either of those places, I've never even been there. Those are just examples of cold weather to me. I'm just of the mind that the only places I could leave the state of Florida for not kicking and screaming would be Hawaii or California. Texas maybe. Ok Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada would be fine. Ok just anywhere in the southern part where I could wear shorts most of the time like I do here. I would have to find a new hobby though because I don't think shark teeth can be found in any of those places unless it were the megalodon. But even then , I'm not sure.

-What the hell can be found in Central Florida? Alligator teeth? I guess I could look for other fossils but it wouldn't be the same. Maybe I'd have to start bird watching. Or maybe I should just get a damn job.

-Damn! I hate moving. I'm just going to say that once. Ya'll won't hear me complain about that again. But just for the record, I've moved about 14 times in the past 11 years. OK? yeah.


thailandchani said...

I never could have imagined you moving from Florida. Is it a permanent move or just temporary?

MsLittlePea said...

I'm not sure. I try never to think of any place we live as permanent. Whatever happens though, we'll still be in Florida. So I'm happy about that.

flutter said...

ugh time to stay put

hel said...

I absolutely love the picture of the frog. She looks so soft and lovely. And so content.

Man, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a move miracle. I will also miss your secret beach.

But like you say, at least you will still be in Florida and that is good. The sky will stay the same.

Whiskeymarie said...

Gah! Moving!

I don't know how you do it- I am such a "settler". Just thinking about moving inspires a mini panic attack for me.

super des said...

I hate moving too. Especially long distances.
*But* if you move to CA, I will totally hang out with you when I move back there.

Mary Ellen said...

Well, I don't really love Central Florida either...but there used to be a state park near DeLand where you could make your own pancakes over griddles on each table -- and how bad is that?! ;)

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Uh I think I'm going to move to South Carolina- right at the border of NC, near Charlotte. Only about 1 hour from the coast...consider it, we could be neighbors :)-