Friday, November 09, 2007

My mini trip (part 1)

I had cabin fever on Monday and as I mentioned in my last post, my usual sight seeing partner was under the weather. And dammit I felt like going on a trip so I went out by myself! A couple people told me they felt weird doing stuff like this alone but I have no problem doing fun things by myself. Hell, if I wait around for people, I'll never get anywhere. So I filled up the tank and drove to St. Augustine. I've been there at least a thousand times but I haven't been to the Castillo De San Marcos since I was 10. It was the perfect day for sight seeing.

I got a perfect parking spot and half ran to get my day pass.($6.00 in case anyone wanted to know)

I took some pictures from inside that sentry look out....

There's a small tower located just in front of the drawbridge that, for some reason, I didn't take pictures of. I did take one of the Royal Coat of Arms. If it looks too new to be a few hundred years old to you, you're right. (I thought so, but the old one is in an airtight display inside.)

In case anyone wanted a closer shot of the man in tights:

I was pleased that he did not try to talk to me in a fake old world Spanish accent. I was a little disappointed that he seemed to be the only one in period costume that day though. I was hoping to see some pirate costumes and corsets but no such luck.

No alligators or monsters in this moat.

This is the view once you cross the drawbridge and walk through the entrance. I was told by an old man on a bench that originally, the courtyard would not have St. Augustine grass growing inside it because the soldiers who manned this fort would not have had time to babysit such needy grass or be concerned about making it pretty. I already knew that since I have an IQ of at least over .01 but I did not feel like a smartass so I just smiled.

I don't remember the historical importance of this particular cannon.

My friend Dee always has the Home and Garden Channel on when I come over. Those decorating show hostesses are always talking about patina, patina, what wonderful patina. They're all obsessed with patina. Well here you go. Is that enough patina for you?

How could something designed to cause harm be so beautiful?

Imagine how close to the cannon I had to get to take the above picture. I sort of got in trouble. One of the workers there told me to stop stepping over the rope....oops.

There were about 5 or 6 rooms(what is the correct word for these places? rooms? chambers? suites? I don't know) available for exploration and with the exception of the soldiers' quarters where there were about 10 screaming babies, I pretty much had the place to myself. They all pretty much looked like this one. If you look closely at the wall, there is what appears to be the faded coat of arms on it.

There were a couple rooms that were kinda scary but you'll have to check back for them....

(Oh and we haven't got to the photos I took from the upper level so, you know, come back if you want to see them k?)


super des said...

I have no problem doing fun things by myself either (if I have no choice). Fun is fun, and this seems like a good fun time.

Courtney said...

Those pictures are awesome. I would love to be able to visit a neat old fort like that -- it was fun to learn about it on Wikipedia, too.

flutter said...

Looks like a wonderful time

seventh sister said...

You are right. If you wait on someone else to do thing with you, you miss a lot of things you want to do. I have never seen this fort but when I was small, my family went to Pensacloa and we went into the cell where Geronimo was imprisioned. I still remember how small it was. It must have been awful for someone who had lived life out in wide open spaces.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've always wanted to see St. Augustine since it's the oldest city in North America.

Your pics are like being there, almost. And I actually enjoy going places alone because I can move at my own pace without regard for someone else's interests, and it's so relaxing.

Nocturnal said...

Bad ass, that looks like quite the cool place.


Sylvia said...

Came via Nocturnal.
St Augustine is home sweet home to the castillo, great pics! :-)

Whiskeymarie said...

I like doing stuff like this by myself. When no one else is there, you can just focus on the experience and quietly enjoy it.