Saturday, November 24, 2007

7 Things meme

I stole it from Heartinsanfransisco......

7 Weird things about moi:

1. That song about West Virginia by John Denver always makes me cry(in a good way). It's not even my home-state, it's my dad's. But when I hear that song, all my summers I spent on Grandparents' farm and all the love I have for my Grandparents, my family there, and my love for West Virginia squeezes my heart and I'll start missing them so much I can't breathe. My dad once told me and my sisters he would hear it when he was in the Navy and away from home and get homesick. I haven't been back there since my Grandpa died. Corny right?

2. If I'm watching an interview on TV and the person being interviewed is sitting in front of a bookshelf, I completely lose interest in the interview and start trying to read the titles of the books. This also goes for any scene in a movie or tv show. I always want to know what kinds of books people are reading.

3. If someone compliments my cooking, they could probably commit murder and I would still find that person charming. The thing is, as I've said before, I hate to cook. HATE to. But I like to hear good things about my cooking.

4. I love my ipod and would voluntarily have it surgically attached to my ears if I could. I also never leave the house without my camera. I also really love to watch old episodes of The Joy of Painting. I guess this is really three things? Oh well.

5. I get scared easily. And I'm scared of just about everything and everyone. My husband and I went to see that movie Scream 2 and the theatre had a guy dressed in that murderer ghost costume scaring everyone and I calmly told him,"Get the F- away from me." I also said this to a clown who tried to give me a balloon....sorry Mr Clown, Angel don't play that.

6. When I was little I had an imaginary friend named Warrwick and in my imagination, he did all the things I was too shy ,too scared, or wasn't allowed to do. Like stay up late and watch The Incredible Hulk. That green man in torn clothing made me cry and still gives me the creeps to this day.

7. I also really loved Big Ben for some reason. When I was in kindergarten I got in trouble for stealing a book from the school library that had pictures of Big Ben in it.

So that's it....I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend. Feel free to steal it.


super des said...

You are hilarious and yeah... twins.
I love #2 and #4.

Mariposa Speaks said...

You no.2 is so cute...and made me LOL...and I love you for it...

We share no. 4... i love listening to music too...

hele said...

Not at all corny. It makes me feel better about sometimes crying that things won't always be as wonderful as they are.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I do the same thing with books in shows. So glad I'm not the only weirdo (of that particular kind.)

My imaginary friend was named Deekie and he was fond of cookies, which I had to eat for him because his teeth were kind of new.