Monday, November 12, 2007

My mini trip part 2 (more Castillo)

This was the original coat of arms that was brought from Havana in 1762 and installed over the fortified entrance. They replaced it with a new one in 1958 and put this one on display.

Another view from the courtyard.

The doors to the chapel look magnificently imposing.

Inside was a different story.

I don't remember the name for these, I'm sure it's for Holy water. Up close, I could tell that they were beautifully carved in their day but these pictures don't do it justice.

I suppose I should have been genuflecting like a good Catholic girl but...I felt like giggling, making funny ghoulish faces and taking pictures of myself. None of which will be posted here.

Someone offered to help me out and take a picture for me but I didn't need any help. I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures of myself anyway.

One room looked particularly scary. If I remember correctly this was the room where the arms were kept. I was by myself so, I'll admit, I was a little scared but I forced myself to walk in.

That scary looking doorway led to a scary looking storage room.

Looking down upon entering said creepy storage room one finds this. Another creepy looking entrance at about 2 and a half to 3 feet tall. I'm small enough to fit through if I wanted to.....didn't want to.

I was too scared so I just stuck my arm through and took a picture.

(One of my pictures had a an orb in it which, I've been told is just a reflection off of a floating peice of dust but it's still creepy-if anyone wants to see the pic with the orb in it, let me know and I'll post it. I was too lazy to look for it just now.)

There were a few more rooms with artifacts and historical pictures but there were too many people because of a field trip. They were at the tail end of their tour so I waited to see if they would leave so I could have the rooms all to myself like the others but, I got impatient and went up the stairs to the upper level.

Wait til you see the view, it will blow you away.(I hope....if I'm a decent enough photographer)


super des said...

You are so much fun. Let's go on a trip together.

Mariposa Speaks said...

I'm envious...I haven't had a trip like this for awhile now...

Whiskeymarie said...

This looks fun.
And I'm sure I've said it before, but you are too gorgeous.

Mary Ellen said...

Hey! Found your blog by taking The Eleventh road. I love St. Augustine! My husband and I got engaged there, back in the day...My favorite thing in the whole city is the art made out of toast in Ripley's museum. As impressive as the Castillo? Hmm. I should not say.