Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My nook

I am not an organised person. MrPea is an organization freak. I'm a creative dreamer. He's an analytical thinker. Most creatives are kind of on the messy side. And most engineer types are pretty OCD when it comes to organizing. Do opposites really attract? In this marriage, yes.

It has taken me a long time to get my little work corner nice enough to actually do some work in. It started out like this when we first moved in:

Then somehow I figured out that I needed to clear some things away. As if this looks any better. Obviously this was still not a space conducive to creativity. Who in the world would want to sit there and work? Not I.

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Finally, I have just the way it needs to be. MrPea bought me this on Valentine's day. Are you imagining all the masterpieces that will be created in this space? Eventually I will get a new desk but until then, I feel like I can sit there all day without getting irritated at the way everything is falling all over the place.

If only I could get him to clean up after me everyday. Is there a button for that?


super des said...

it's kind of nice to come home to a clean house when I leave work (but what else is Mr. No-job gonna do?). The other day though I surprised him by cleaning the kitchen (stovetop and all). Since I never clean, it was extra special. You should go for that approach. :)

LittlePea said...

...hm you might be on to something. I think I should try it the opposite way though.

hele said...

I love the light coming in through that window. it makes me feel like sitting there, closing my eyes and watching my eyelids turn orange.