Monday, March 16, 2009

Outer Space Random

We watched the shuttle go up last night from our patio. I didn't think to get my camera until it was already gone but here you see the trail it left. I have to say last night's launch was the prettiest I've ever seen because the sun made the exhaust glow red. The screen is in the way but I was too lazy to walk downstairs. Enjoy.

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I have been asked by some new friends at my new church to read stories to kindergartners for an hour twice a month. I said yes since the school year is almost over so if I end up hating it,which I'm sure I won't, I'll only have to do it a few times. I'm not sure why I'm feeling so shy about it but I am. I tried to talk myself out of it but everyone told me it would be a perfect volunteer opportunity for me and easy. I'm still waiting for the details but wish me luck in the meantime peeps.

The weather's been great so I have been at the beach every spare moment I have. It's not quite warm enough yet to just walk around in a bathing suit even though I do see some tourists swimming(!) in that cold water. But it's sunny enough to get a few more freckles if you're not careful. I've been using SPF85 but the freckles still come. Nothing wonderful report regarding my shark teeth finds, I loathe to admit. My finds have been meager. Yesterday MrPea and I went to the beach together. Normally this isn't something notable since we go all the time but we usually go to a different beach where we can park since MrPea doesn't have his own bike. We both went on my bike and I'm sure you're not wondering who was lucky enough to ride on the handle bars. It was cold so we had to huddle into the sand when the sun was behind a cloud and he made me promise not to go off and look for shark teeth just for that one day. I'm assuming he thought if I started looking while he waited, he'd be there 5 hours later watching the south horizon for me whilst freezing his behind off. He'd be right. I was dying though. There was a lady a few feet away from us digging around and I was pouting,"She's finding stuff, I know it. She better not find anything!" I'm selfish. When we left I walked past the hole she dug to see if there was anything of interest for me. Nothing. I'll probably be like this until the water is warm enough to wade in, this is how I find the good stuff. My friend Dee thinks I should seek some help.

I've started a new drawing. I'll show ya'll later.....

So what's new with you guys?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pea,

I've been loving the weather the past few days. Tonight is beautiful!! When I crossed the river tonight on my way home the sunset was incredible!

Have you ever been to Clark's Fish camp? Great food. The turtles and a baby gator were out tonight. You know mama Gator wasn't too far away!

Enjoy your week!


flutter said...

hi babe!!

super des said...

I want to see space shuttles.
You've never made an argument for me AGAINST moving to FL. :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm the same way at the beach. My greed for shells, seaglass, and driftwood knows no bounds. There is always the possibility of something great coming in on the next wave.

When I lived in Florida, you could tell the tourists by their tans and flimsy clothing in winter.

Thanks for sharing the launch pic. It must be exciting to be right there.

SUEB0B said...

Given my experience with 5-year-olds, I would say 7-15 minutes is more appropriate than an hour...unless you are doing it one on one for an hour

Laurie said...

You will be awesome with the kids...don't forget to blog about it.

seventh sister said...

This is about the best time of year to be in FLA as I recall. Watching the launches must be a lot of fun.