Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've been in a drug induced haze

But not the fun kind you're probably thinking....I'm finally getting over a cold that started last weekend. Usually I don't like to take anything because cold medicine either knocks me out completely or makes me extremely nervy. But luckily this week I had nothing on my to do list so I wanted to get as much rest as possible. It wasn't that nasty of a cold but everytime I start to think I'm feeling better, get up and start to do something, I suddenly feel exhausted and weak so I've been trying to just do as much "nothing" as I can. Did you miss me? I thought so.

I got some more info on my new volunteer task. It's twice a month for one hour. I go in and read a couple books to a kindergarten class in the school library and then sort of hang out with my little kids helping them pick out books to take home. There's only a couple months left in the school year so if I decide I hate it I don't have to to it next year. But I'm sure I won't , I love reading to squirmy little ones. I even like doing the funny voices and sound effects. I'm waiting for my background check to be done. I've never committed bank robbery so I should be approved soon. I'm excited.

I was a little hurt because someone had made a comment about my volunteering at a school where the children already come from well to do situations. That I should be volunteering at a "worse off" place where more help is needed and implying that I was being a hypocrite for not doing so. But I don't feel the least bit guilty as I'm not quite sure that criticising a person's choice to volunteer at all is even called for. Sure a homeless shelter or food bank probably needs a lot more help than a well funded elementary school but location and transportation was the bigger issue. I could volunteer at a place that really needs an extra pair of hands and not really be able to commit because I can't be sure about whether or not I can really be there. Or I can volunteer at a school within biking distance and show up every single time they need me, giving an already overworked and underpaid teacher a small break. Does it really matter so long as I'm actually doing something? Or should I just say that I'm going to do something in front of everyone at a political meeting but do nothing but complain and criticise?! Who's the hypocrite?( and I know you're reading this even though you pretend that blogs are so beneath you....)

Ahem. Moving on, I'm feeling much better but I have that weird cough I always get after a cold/flu that takes forever to go away. I stopped taking cough medicine. I think it's messed up my thyroid hormone pills because I'm hot all the time. The only thing that seems to work is really strong Starbucks mints.


flutter said...

feel better, babe

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope you feel better soon. And yes, you were missed.

Please don't give your critic another thought. Volunteering is a wonderfully selfless thing to do, wherever you choose to do it. Everyone needs help, not just the really down-and-outers. People who criticize you might try helping out somewhere themselves since they obviously have so much time on their hands.

super des said...

Good for you for volunteering. Helping is helping, dammit!

ha ha, my word verification is "comateat."

thailandchani said...

A friend of mine from long ago, active in many movements, used to say "we all do the work our own way". The only thing that matters is that we do it.


Mariposa said...

I've been battling with colds for a week now, so I know how it feels!

And happy to hear about your volunteer project...regardless of how people assess it...the fact that you share your time with people or for a cause, and children for this case, is for me, something noble!


Whiskeymarie said...

I'm appalled that anyone would criticize someone for volunteering, just because they thought it wasn't the "right" kind of volunteering. That's just gross.

Hope you feel better by now, toots. We had a wicked flu/cold go through here a while back- it sucked.