Sunday, December 21, 2008

More More More

That's it for a little while though. I need a break. My eyes need a rest. At least I have something to post as I am still blahgged out lately.

These are nothing to get excited about but I thought they looked interesting. A nice patterned piece of crab shell, a broken whelk and the one on the bottom is very common-I forgot the name. But it looks pretty hanging in the sun so it was the only one I kept.

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More teeth.

The find of the day was this reddish one. Second time I found a red tooth.
A stingray barb and really worn down tiger shark tooth.
I did make friends with an old guy who found a blue starfish but I was too shy to ask if I could take a picture. I also met some people from out of town who asked for some tips. Normally I don't give out tips to tourists as I am stingy and want all the shark teeth for myself. I usually just say smile and play stupid and say," I don't really understand how to find them myself, I just stare at the ground until I see one." But they were Floridians and I was feeling generous. It is Christmas after all.... they even came up to me later all triumphant with a small bull shark tooth and gave it to me.


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super des said...

Yay karma! You got a tooth for giving out tips. :)

hele said...

I also love the ending. If only all sacrifices were rewarded so promptly.