Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do not adjust your screen,just another day in the fog

It really was that foggy. Scary Scoobie Doo episode foggy. Edgar Allen Poe foggy. You know what I mean. Ooh and it was fun.

My find was nothing to brag about....

But I did have fun scaring myself as the fog got worse and worse. I sat on a dead palmetto eating chocolate covered graham crackers and pretended this man in dark clothes was a Psychoman coming to get me. Passing by, he looked at me funny, um, I don't know probably because I was giggling like a campfire kid listening to a scary story at a girl scout trip.

Most sane people would have packed up and went home because after about an hour you could barely see at all unless you were crouching on the ground to take pictures, er, which was what I was doing.

I always think to myself, it's a good thing only a handful of people come to this beach because I'm pretty sure I must look like a complete fool to anyone who happens to see a girl laughing by herself and skipping around in the foam.
At the same time do I care whether anyone sees me walking around in foam? No. And why should I? Everyone should, at least once walk around in algae foam grossing themselves out in the fog. Just cuz they're wearing flip flops and they can.

The fog was so bad that any hair sticking out of my hood was dripping wet and my nose was running.

At last look before I dragged myself back to my bike to go home, I could hardly see the ocean anymore.

Call me crazy, but there's just something magical about a scary fog.


super des said...

You're so awesome.

LittlePea said...

Oh you're just saying that to be nice.... :O)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Wished I lived a little closer on days like that. Have you ever been to Pure Florida's blog? He has been posting beach shots this week.He has some great photos of Florida. His link is:

Have a great weekend!


LittlePea said...

Thanks Patti, I'll check it out!

Laurie said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure to me!

Love the flip-flops! :-)

Anonymous said...

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