Friday, March 07, 2008

Well it's my anniversary

And I feel like gloating. SO HA! Why do I feel like gloating? No reason. Or maybe because everyone I knew thought we were making a huge mistake since we'd only just met 4 months before. Today makes 11 years so I think it's safe enough to assume we did ok. So here's "us" in a nutshell since I don't talk too much about my MrPea.

We met at a restaurant where I worked as a hostess. It sounds so high school but I was too shy to ask him for his number since I don't do that and damn it he never hit on me so one of the nosy waitresses asked him for me. Our first date was (Hello!) at the beach. We also broke social rules and talked about both politics(gasp!) and religion(gasp gasp!). Shocking, isn't it? I went home and told my roommate I was going to marry him. I'll spare ya'll the corny details of our courtship so Blahblahblah, we got engaged 2 months later and decided to elope, which consisted of of us driving to the St.Augustine courthouse and getting married in the garden there. The most I remember about that day is the fact that we giggled the entire time and he screwed up the words, "I thee wed" because he said,"I be wed." I'm not sure why but we could not stop giggling. I'm still happy I never had a ceremony. Yeah, like I wanted to hang around a bunch of people who have negative feelings about me getting married on my own wedding day. Instead I have memories of he and I giggling surrounded by Spring flowers and the sound of birds.
Just a few random things:
-We drove from Florida to California in our first year together without ending up in an asylum. Well, he drove and I enjoyed the scenery. We had fun.
-He is under no obligation to buy me flowers or gifts on any Holiday. This is true and not a game/test on my part. I don't like gifts out of obligation. I like a gift from his heart. Even if it came from a gum ball machine. I don't believe in pouting and acting like a baby for a stupid Valentine's gift. I'd rather a husband who loves, cherishes and respects me year round than one who treats me like crap but buys me pretty things on the Holidays. I think the lack of pressure makes him feel more generous actually.
-I thought I was the pickiest eater on Earth, until I met him. That trophy belongs to him.
-We never went on a honeymoon. It never bothered me since we always lived in the tropics.
-Between the 2 of us, I'm the talker he's the quiet one. Shyness makes him come across as aloof or mysterious. But he talks to me.

Pretty exciting stuff huh?

*BTW Just a little update* I'm still not feeling great but I feel better. It's just taking longer than I thought to get to my normal self. I'm still exhausted all the time,achy and slow but I'm getting there. Maybe next week. Have a good weekend internets!


marymurtz said...

Happy Anniversary! I love what you said about not wanting a ceremony. Beautiful. Congrats on 11 years.

flutter said...

better is better than not better, babe. Happy Anniversary

Mariposa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad to hear your better... ;)

And wow, you're my idol...I also don't want any fancy ceremony for my if only Mom understands that! LOL

Blog Goddess Brethern said...

I'm glad it worked out so wonderfully.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Yay, happy anniversary!

I had this crazy dream that you moved to CT and we went out for lunch last night. Haha, silly right? But the food was really good :)-

Maurey Pierce said...

What a great story! Good for the two of you!

BTW, you have fabulous legs.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Congratulations to you both on your anniversary!

It's a lovely story. You have a real head on your shoulders. I love your maturity and good sense in all you've said here, and I'm sure Mr. Pea does, too.

By the way, Flip and I got married 4 months after we met, too, and it's been 16 years so far.