Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hibiscus Kool-Aid and a Cute Frog

Dear Spring,
Hurry up damnit I'm waiting. Sure, you gave me a few warm days the past couple weeks and we change times starting, oops right now. Still though, I had to wear ugly shoes on my anniversary because you're late this year and my feet are cold and swollen. I had to tie myself over with these pictures from last year.

See?! See what you can do? You can make pretty Strawberry Kool-Aid colored flowers and all these sweet little Kermit lookin' frogs crawl out from all over the place.

Come on Spring you can do it! Be the little engine that could. I believe in you hun. My flip flops are getting dusty and we can't have that in the month of March in Florida, it's just unheard of. Plus the shark teeth are alone out there, waiting for me after the rough seas you're sister, Winter graced us with. She's had her beautiful moments but it's your time to shine now don't you think? Don't just do it for little old me think of the shark teeth, the shark teeth! Ok I have noticed some new leaves and pollen is every where, cursing my sinuses, but frankly I expect more from you. I'm giving you a couple more weeks before I call your Sister Summer, who's way hotter than you by the way, and just ask her to skip over you all together, how'bout that, my friend, no threat! It's not like that's never happened before, ok? You know she steals all the glory just when you're beginning to settle in, are you gonna let that happen? I'm not going to beg.

Waiting Patiently,
Your Number One Fan Angel


seventh sister said...

Let's hope we don't have a late spring and an early summer.

Aimee said...

What beautiful photos! I can't wait for more days where i can wear flip flops (not that i don't wear them in the rain. lol)

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

You know what? I'm thinking your winter is probably warmer than our spring will be up here, so I'm not feeling the least bit sorry for you. So there! :P

Whiskeymarie said...

I was so excited this weekend when it was a balmy 40 degrees thinking that maybe spring was finally on its way.

Today it snowed.