Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sweet Nothing

It's ass freezing cold out and the wind is making all those cool scary noises that I love so much. There's a fire in the fireplace, home-made soup heating on the oven, fresh coffee(pinch of sugar lots of cream!) and a sleeping dog warming my feet. I have so much leftover food from yesterday's feast, I don't have to do anything for dinner. In fact everything I wanted to do today is done, so I don't have to do anything at all. Life is goooood....According to the label on the candle, my home is supposed to smell like The Sea of Amalphi but I've never been there so how the hell would I know?

Remember this guy? He must have told all his friends about our hospitality because we had a Christmas visitor.

I haven't heard from my doctor about my scan results. I'll call around Friday if I haven't heard from her yet. But I imagine if there was something urgent to tell, they would have told me by now. Actually on my last day, the tech who was in charge of my scan was nice enough to show me my scans and(knocking on wood) it looked fine.

But I have to brag about my husband for just a second!! Oh gush! Oh swoon! On the first day of my scan I walked out of the hospital after lying still for three and half hours. I was feeling a little stiff from not being allowed to move, not even to itch my own damn nose- and boy was that mind over matter. Little did I know that someone went shopping for me. Look what my Mr.Pea had waiting for me. Joy! Joy!

My husband married a woman who is not impressed nor desires jewelry, perfume or flowers and prefers books as gifts instead. It must be confusing for him because it's taken almost 11 years to figure that out....better late than never. And what better way to spend a cold day inside relaxing by the fire than with some new books? I'm so loving that field guide...and I'm sure I've seen him taking a peek or two at some photos of beautiful Egyptian queen carvings. Should I be jealous?


thailandchani said...

That does sound like a perfect day... Expecting storms here tomorrow through the weekend. I'm probably the only one nutty enough to be anticipating it with a degree of glee. :)

Books.. yes!

Mariposa said...

Glad to know you're having a nice time...happy new year and happy reading!

Rick said...

That frog is going to be a frog-cicle.

I'm visiting all those who have posted before and I'm inviting them over to my blog for a little giveaway that I am having. No gimicks, just a way to celebrate one year of blogging.

anne said...

Awww, froggie! What a cute little guy.

I'm the same, Pea - books books and more books - that's what I want. To heck with most everything else, giftwise. Those look like lovely ones. I have a particular fondness for field guides, and that one looks like a keeper!

Catherine said...

That's a gorgeous frog...and I'm SO with you on the books!

super des said...

You married a smart man.

seventh sister said...

It is cold her,too. However, I am not as cold as I got when I lived in Florida when the temperature got down in the 30s and the only heat we had in our apartment was a small electric heater.

Mariposa said...

I have something for you in my site... ;)