Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Fashion don'ts

Ok Ok I know it's Saturday. But I had planned to blog this yesterday and got too lazy. Friday just sounds better and I was hoping to make this a weekly thing if I could. Or at least something I could post only on Fridays. So just humor me for today and pretend like it's Friday ok......what with all the drinking ya'll probably did last night, the none of you probably even remember what today is anyway so there! So for the first Friday Fashion Don'ts(on Saturday) are these-I only have a couple but trust me-there are a lot and if any of you find some on your own feel free to email me and I'll put them up next Friday(or Saturday-whatever)

Ladies, there will never be a time when these monstrosities would be required. But I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that. Also feel free to send in pictures of the looks of horror on your face upon being confronted with these, um , shoes. I guess they're shoes. If you feel like you haven't seen enough I am not one to deprive you here you go, have at it. :

Ok I know there's no need for my comments on this but I've seen some men wear this kind of stuff....ON Documentaries about pimps. Unless you actually are a pimp, perhaps, fellows, this wouldn't be a good choice for a shirt. If you ARE a pimp, well, by all means have at it. You can buy your pimp uniforms here Although I have to say---why all those strange outfits? Don't business men want to dress for success? Why do pimps like to wear outfits that make them look like Little Red Ridinghood?

Hmmm, something to ponder or perhaps make smalltalk about next time you're at a dinner party and need to break the ice.

That's all I have the energy for right now....

PS.When was the last time you heard someone under 80 say "fellows"? Well good then.

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