Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dear Gucci Sunglasses:The sequel

Dear Former Object of Desire: Gucci Sunglasses Model Number 2933,

Remember Me? Remember how I loved you, longed for you, yearned for you, waited for you? Remember how I could never pass you by without trying you on in the hopes that we might someday be together? Remember how I begged for you to go on sale so that we might make accessory magic together? Or did you forget? You must have because you never went on sale, you never went below the $200.oo I begged you to do. You couldn't have done it just for me could you? 2 years I waited, former beloved! 2. effin. years! See how patient I was? But no you still have to stay up there don't you? $207?! That's the best you could do for a girl who loved you so much?(yes, you read that right, love-d) You thought you could tease me like that and get away with it? Did you not believe me when I said I refuse to pay more than $200.00? Were you toying with me? Did you think you could break me? Did you think you could make me give in for a mere $7.00 over my ultimatum(plus shipping-don't forget that!) price? You have mistaken me for someone who likes to be played with, Beautiful but not infallible Gucci Sunglasses! Because guess what! There's a new love in my life. And his name is Jimmy Choo.

Yes. What did you say? Speak up louder hunny. Oh you're saying that $195 on Amazon isn't that much better than your lame sale price? Well guess what else, former love of my life. I picked these up for $109.00! Yes I did. I took him home with me and we're very happy together. And just to make it sting a little more, I found him in the same store I met you.....don't cry. Oh you're begging me now, how sweet. Well it's been fun being led on and teased by you for these last couple years, but I've moved on. Now if you think you can match my Jimmy, we'll talk. But until then you can watch me walk away from you with my newer and cuter sunglasses and think about what could have been. No regrets. You can't say I didn't warn you.
Good Riddance,
Angel/Queen of patience and bargain shopping

PS Jimmy Choo also has better shoes than you too. Just thought you should know....


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I am sitting here laughing helplessly! I remember your former infatuation with the Gucci sunglasses and how I offered to help you rationalize the purchase, but the Jimmy Choos are BETTER! They are cuter, younger, and probably even more flattering so when I stop chortling and wipe my eyes, I will applaud loudly. Please post a pic of you in them, (shoes optional) and my day will be complete.

LittlePea said...

It came with a case that can be used as a small clutch purse too-I forgot to mention that. Picture eventually.

Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, how I wish I could buy "nice" sunglasses. Sigh.

But the reality is, I break & lose sunglasses at such an amazing rate that I'd be broke in a month if I spent more than $20 on a pair.

I think you made the right choice- I love the ones you bought.