Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's the simple things I love so much LIST

I'm feeling a little like a spending machine since I've been shopping so much for badly needed winter clothes(I'm pretty much done except I need some warm shoes, in case anyone who loves clothes wanted to know:O) ). I wanted to write down some things I love more than 'stuff' and don't cost a fortune. In no particular order:

-Ice cold Chocolate Milk


-Feet buried in the sand

-Freshly changed linens and shaved legs

-Clean hair. It is the solution to every problem. Depressed? Wash the hair. Feel sick? Wash the hair, and so on and so on. I'm not sure how it works but for me it does work. sort of.

-Sound of rain and (eek, sorry Peanut) THUNDER

-Homemade Mac-and-cheese. Yes, I cook. dammit

-The smell of coffee. Need I even go on?

-Used book stores(ok I spend money in these places but never more than a few dollars so it doesn't it's recycling...well it's my damn list and I say it stays)

-The crunch-crunch-crunch sound snow makes under rubber boots(I won't be getting any of that since the last time I saw snow in Florida was when I was 16)...(I am 31, in case anyone wanted to know)

-The deep breathe I take when I finish a painting

-The sound of my MIL laughing at my jokes because it means my French made sense

-Pinching earlobes. Mostly Mr.Pea's but whoever's available. I've been known to sneak up on a nephew or two and pinch their earlobes as well.

-The song a white-throated sparrow makes. I only ever heard them in Canada and I didn't know what they were called so I called them,"Les oiseaux qui chantent la chanson triste" which means,"The birds who sing a sad song." It didn't make me sad though, it made me happy. I must be missing Quebec.

-The blue color of the sky when the sun has gone down, no matter how many times I try, I can never capture it on canvass. Never.

-A book/movie that's so good, I'm still wondering about the characters after it's over.

-The 'stampede' noise from Peanut's feet when he's happy about something

-A handkerchief my beloved Grandpa gave me when I started crying at my sister's wedding. It still smells like him.

-A blue clay owl I made in kindergarten. It is one thing I would grab if my home were on fire.(besides my husband and my dog of knew that right?)

-Cherry flavored Jolly Ranchers

That's enough for now. What do you treasure, dear readers?


flutter said...

Oh i SO have the mac n cheese recipe for you....

Jay said...

Oh my god, I think possibly you are my soul mate.

Courtney said...

Oy, I don't even know where to start, we're twins on so many of these! Having clean hair perks me up, too. I've also been known to dye my hair for a little pick-me-up. I especially enjoy fresh linens and smooth legs in the middle of summer when it's super hot and the linens feel cool and crisp. I miss my mom's homemade mac and cheese and ham loaf. That's not a recipe she wrote down and she died before I learned to make it. Hmmm... maybe my auntie can tell me how to make it.

I also love hearing my bird, Solomon, say, "Can I have a kiss? Mwah!" And that sigh Bella makes when she gets a belly rub.

I do have to disagree about one thing -- Green Apple Jolly Ranchers are the best! ;)

Sorry to ramble. :P

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love and relate to everything on this list except your grandpa's smell since I didn't know him.

And pinching earlobes has never occurred to me as a pleasurable activity, although I will give it a try on your recommendation.

I am addicted to used book stores and can always rationalize buying another book, but not clothing. I'm working on it, though.