Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday stuff

*I always sort of don't know how to respond when someone compliments Peanut's handsomeness. Of course I say, thank you. But obviously I didn't give birth to him so it always feels funny. But I say thank you anyway. I feel like if he could talk, he would be polite so I do it on his behalf.

*I have a healthy appetite. But I eat really slow. I never can understand people who eat really fast. How can anyone enjoy what they're eating that way? There are certain people I try to avoid 'lunching' with for that very reason because I feel obligated to eat faster so they don't have to wait for me.

*Today was the first day I had to put on pants and a light sweater for my morning walk. I know that I've been complaining about the oncoming winter and I'm a little mad at myself for doing that. I promised myself after the harsh winter I spent in Quebec that I would never complain about winter in the South again so that means I broke my promise. And when my in laws came to visit a year later, I watched the looks on their faces and realized how lucky I was to live where people go on vacation to escape the real winter. So right now I'm re-promising not to do that anymore. In times of cold or flu, though, I usually give myself a general amnesty and just complain away. (I'll try not to do that this year.) I realize how annoying it must be too. Listening to someone who lives in the South complain about how cold they are in the dead of winter is like listening to a bikini model say how fat she feels.

*I've been told that I'm an enabler. It was an Al-Anon help line operator that I called because my close friend fell off the wagon and I was so worried, I didn't know what I should do. This happened a year ago and I laugh about it now because I screamed at the poor woman and told her she didn't know what the hell she was talking about, then hung up. The truth is, she was right. When Mr.Pea and I were renting a guest house apartment, the guy who lived downstairs from us was so obviously an alcoholic. Every Thursday was recycle day and there were always 3 or 4 empty vodka bottles in the bin we shared. He always covered them up with water bottles or plastic bags. I didn't even know the guy but I would find myself re-covering the bottles if somehow they got uncovered. I saw this in an old Meg Ryan movie my friend forced me to watch with her when she came home from rehab this past Spring and we could not stop laughing at me.


super des said...

I'm also a slow eater. Also it helps because I know the exact point when I'm full, so other people eat past it and then feel sick.

Twins and all that.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have always felt a little nonplussed when people complimented my dog/cat/horse/whatever for the same reasons. They do not owe their genetic blessings to me.

Still, I guess the important thing is that they're are trying to be nice.

You do have a perfect climate, but it's natural to complain about the weather no matter where we live.

Somebody should really cover up Meg Ryan in the garbage these days. She looks as if she has sausages where her lips used to be, and makes me wonder if it's possible to OD on collagen.

seventh sister said...

Peanut is a cutie. And you know what? It really does get cold in the south. We can have those really biting cold spells that last a few days or a week or two, not long enough to get used to the cold and not frequently enough that we are prepared for it. I got out sweaters last winter that I had not worn in at least three years and had almost thrown away because I really did not have storage space for them. We had two ice storms down here on the 30th parallel.

Mariposa Speaks said...

Hi there, miss ya already!

What a joy to know that there are people who like me eats slow too... :P

I envy your morning walk...