Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never Say Never?

These are all things I've never done. And it's highly likely that I will never do any of these things. If you think I need to change my mind, let me know.

-Worn hoop earrings, animal print, or pointy toed shoes. Not that there's really anything wrong with them. Just a matter of personal taste.

-Read any of the Harry Potter books or any of the movies. Actually no, I think I may have seen the first one but not the rest.

-Eaten sushi. I don't like seaweed, I've had that before so I will not eat anything wrapped in it. I also don't really like fish or raw fish.

-Been scuba diving. I've told you guys before how scared I am of even swimming in the ocean because of sharks. And I grew up on the beach. But if I am finding their teeth, it means they are losing them and growing them. I'd like to not have any of those teeth embedded into my thigh thank you very much.

-Been to Antarctica. This is self explanatory.

-Seen a moose in the wild. This one I'd like to change. I'd really like to see a moose in the wild. Don't ask me why, I just would. But I don't spend a whole lot of time in Northern Forests so it just doesn't seem likely.

-Seen the movies West Side Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, or Cassablanca. I just never made the effort.

-Used the phrase "Hiya Sailor!" Even though my father was one and I grew up on a military base.

-Taken candy from a baby. I hate when people use that expression-that something is as easy as taking candy from a baby. How is that easy? Why would anyone want to take candy from a baby? I would never take candy from a baby. Babies like candy and so do I so why would I deprive a precious baby from eating candy? I wouldn't.

-Mountain climbed, mountain hiked, mountain biked or really anything to do with mountains. I don't have anything against mountains. In fact I love mountains, they are beautiful. I just never felt the urge to climb one, hike one, bike one or, slide down one on skis. I do enjoy a good walk but I've never been on a trek that required "gear".

-Been camping. A lot of my life is lived outdoors so people are often surprised to learn this(and the above) but basically if I can't bring a blow dryer,I won't go. Because I usually don't have a good time if I don't have access to basic electricity and/or a warm shower. One shouldn't assume that I've never "roughed it" before. I have. I just don't voluntarily vacation outdoors. Now if the definition of camping were a cabin in the woods with a warm bed and fireplace, sign me up.

-Spotaneously broken out into song. I'd like to though, I really would.

-Jumped from a high dive. I'm 100% sure that my swimming skills are enough. It's just not something I ever wanted to do.

I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now.


super des said...

I must point out that "sushi" does not have to include fish. The raw fish kind is called sashimi. Sushi just refers to the roll, which doesn't have to have seaweed - it can be just rice.

So it is possible to have sushi without fish or seaweed. :)

LittlePea said...

This is good to know....