Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love my husband

MrPea loves to upgrade our electronics. We have houseful of gadgets that he loves. He recently bought a new laptop. I could never get as excited about a wireless this or that, no matter what the hell it can do, as much as I can get excited over a hot pair of shoes. I'm always complaining about the wires and get irritated when I have a hard time figuring out to use something.("Why doesn't anyone ever invent a gadget that you don't have to 'learn'?!? Why can't we just press the on button?!? I feel like I've just bought a new problem not a new tv! How many wires does a person need??!! " can be heard at any time of the day in our house)

Now having said that, MrPea, the technology addict also just bought himself a new BluRay Dvd thing that I'll admit is wonderful. It connects with the Netflix website and we can watch some of the movies immediately(using the new laptop). Oh the joy that is Netflix! We've been watching French movies all weekend which is good for both of us because he can watch all the stuff he's missed out on in his first language and Ican learn new words.

We go through the same routine when it comes to buying new stuff, and I've posted about this before but not in detail. Take the new laptop for example-- Since we've moved, our computer is downstairs. Our old place was much smaller and all one floor so the only room for a computer desk was in our bedroom. This worked out well because I go to sleep earlier than he does so we were still "together" even if I was sleeping and he was staying up watching tv, doing work or whatever. He wanted a laptop to bring upstairs so we could still be "together". But this is how he'll tell me he wants one:

Him: "Don't you think we should get you a laptop? It would be a good idea because then you could use it upstairs whenever you wanted."

~It always starts out being for ME even though he knows I have ZERO desire to add another electronic device to this house.~

I'll say: "Not really, what do I need one for when we already have one. It's just the 2 of us."

Him: "Well you know, it would be more convenient for you. What if I'm using this one and you need it?"

Me: "um..I could just wait."

Him: "Well, you wanted a Kindle I thought. It's almost the same thing."

Me: "Not really. And I don't really want a Kindle. OMIGOSH more wires? Are you kidding me, I'm already sick of all the wires around here. Like I want more."

Him: " wouldn't love to have a nice new laptop? WIRELESS?"

Me:----- smiling in silence -----

Him: "I'm sure I heard you say you wanted one. I've been looking on Amazon so I could find one for you. I found a couple of nice ones. Let's go to Best Buy and check it out in person."

Me: " I don't want to go to Best Buy. I hate Best Buy."

Him: "I really think it would be good for you. And so convenient. You really don't want one? I think you do want one. I can get you one if you show me which one you like."

Me: "No. I promise I don't want a new one. But if you wanted one for yourself, just get one. Go for it, make yourself happy."

Him: "Maybe I should get you one anyway. Yeah, I might as well just go ahead and get one for you. You'll love it. You'll see."

So he bought one and he's as happy as happy can be with it while I have yet to touch it. It always goes this way. It always starts out being FOR ME when he knows I'd rather pull out all my hair than shop for any of that stuff. He's like a 3 year old who wants ice cream but won't just come out and say he wants ice cream. I'm not controlling, he doesn't need to come to me for permission to buy things and vice versa.

But if I don't go a long with it, I'll be in that same conversation at least twice a week. I think it's easier for him to justify spending the money if it's for me because in his mind, he would never deny me anything, I'm his wife. Buying something for himself is hard though. When I need a new pair of suede boots, if I have the money, I just go get them-- I don't pretend he needs them.... can you imagine that conversation?

Omigosh-NO joke, just now, from the kitchen he said, "Do you want a scooter? It would be so fun for you this summer."


super des said...

We can blame it on English not being his first language. :P

And he does need hot new shoes. He needs to see his hot wife happy in them!

(And there are 3 computers in my house, and only 2 people. We each have a laptop and then there's a desktop that is mainly for gaming.)

And my word verification is progyna. :D

LittlePea said...

HA! I was just looking at shoes online!

madge said...


Renaissance Woman said...

Hello Little Pea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's nice to have a new blog to read. I love this story and can't wait for more!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

My husband is quite upfront about the fact that he "needs" every new electronic device that comes along. Normally I wouldn't care but since he has AD and I have near-zero interest in most of that stuff, it will never be used. Yet if I say no, I'm the bad guy who controls everything. Welcome to my world, and I hope YOU enjoy the new scooter that will soon be purchased for YOU. At least it won't have wires.

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