Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How do you feel about the Holidays being sprung upon us so quickly?

I noticed Christmas stuff at the grocery store today. Usually I get irritated about how early stores start putting out Christmas stuff. Oddly, today it made me happy. I stood there for a long time wondering if I should also start early, buy a cinnamon broom or one of those little bears with elf shoes one. I almost bought red and green Hershey's kisses until I remembered my still left over Fun Bag sized Mini Milky Ways I've been trying not to eat. I even started to hum songs from my Chipmunks Christmas album I had when I was in kidergarten.

On my way out, I had a hard time leaving because my car was blocked and I couldn't back out. I couldn't back out because some people who had just arrived were having a conversation with someone else who happenned to still be in her car. They decided a good place to have this conversation was right behind my car after they had watched me put my groceries in the back, get in and turn the ignition. Usually I just wait a few seconds when this happens but today I beeped. I beeped because I had just ran 2 miles and was eager to get home and eat lunch. They still took their time in getting out of the way, probably because they thought it was rude of me to beep. So, whilst waiting, I remembered why I get irritated at stores during the Holidays and forgot that I had just decided to be happy when I arrived. Yup.


thailandchani said...

For some reason, the holiday stuff doesn't bother me this year. Usually it drives me nuts.


justme said...

someone that i know, that works in a very public venue starts playing christmas music in august...ever year. for some reason, even though i LOVE christmas, this really bugs me. more because it's like forcing christmas on people when maybe, just maybe, they don't want it.

madge said...

i do love the christmas. it never bothers. but inconsiderate people bother me all the time! boo!