Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random happenings

-"Mon Cheri Amour" was playing at Starbucks today when I went in to "sugar up" before my routine blood work(I have to do this because they sometimes take 4 vials,which really doesn't sound like much.But it's a lot when you're 4'11".). I forgot how much I liked that song. But I only like it when Stevie Wonder sings it. Everyone else just sounds like a cheap imitation.

-I have a bruise on my arm(again) from the bloodwork. Why is that? Some people just have the best hands and never even leave a mark on my arm. And then some people leave big purple dots on my inner elbow making me leave the band aid on for the rest of the day lest people at Target think I'm a drug addict or something.

-I got in touch with the very first girl who befriended me when I first moved here in the 3rd grade. We haven't talked in at least 13 years so it was refreshing to hear an old friendly voice. Don't you love old friends? Old friends just know things about you and you don't have to explain anything.

-I had to force myself to leave the tv off today. Bad news of that poor little girl who was murdered and thrown in the trash had me crying all night last night and I knew it would be all over the news again today. I pray for her mother and family who must be going through hell right now. THE STATE OF FLORIDA IS NOT DOING ENOUGH TO PROTECT INNOCENT CHILDREN FROM CHILD PREDATORS! What kind of....ok I was about to write the word animal would do something like this, but then I thought no that's an insult to animals. I can't use the word human because someone who woud do something like this is not human. Why did this happen?


justme said...

I really think that about any song that Stevie wonder sings in general that other people do. for some reason, it's just so much better when he does it...and i don't consider myself a fan per se.

I have an old friend coming out to colorado this weekend...actually she is already here. there is something ridiculously special about just gave me an idea for the post. :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

People who hurt children enrage me, too, all the more because I feel helpless. Her parents are truly living every parent's worst nightmare, and I weep for them and their precious daughter, too.