Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who's laughing now?!!

I never leave home without a camera. This is something I get teased about a lot because I like taking pictures and I guess it gets pretty old hanging out with someone whose either constantly pausing to take a snap at any little silly thing or constantly in your face to take a snap of you. But I'm glad I do because:

Look who decided to grace my church parking lot with his presence this morning....

Can't see him? Click on this one. It's almost the time of year when I start seeing them here and there. Although it's a couple weeks early, I've read that they scout around this area for nesting during the month of March...or is it they start hatching in March? Ok I forgot. But it's usually the month of March I see them around, so this one's early for me. But my hospitality knows no bounds when it comes to critters such as these so I'm glad he's early, I hope he stays a long time, and I hope he told all of his Bald Eagle friends about how nice family friendly it is here and they all come and have lots of baby Bald Eagle chicks so I can have more sightings to brag about. Or at least have more chances to get a better shot once I get a better camera. I'm pleased to say that this is the third or fourth Bald Eagle I've seen so far this year and it's only February.

Oh I can't tell you how much I was wishing for a better camera with a good zoom when I saw him. But now no one can say how silly it is to need a camera 24/7. He was so beautiful. See!? I told ya'll Spring was knocking on my door. It's officially Spring for me when I start seeing them, no matter how cold it feels.

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SUEB0B said...

Wow. That is something I would love to see.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Great shot, Sweet Pea!!

And if you click on the picture, it gets quite large so every detail is clear.

I never leave home without a camera either, now that I have a little digital one. On the rare occasions that I do, I ALWAYS see something spectacular that will never happen in my lifetime again.

justme said...

you can tell people who laugh at you about that to stick it! how awesome. and i'm only saying this because i do the SAME THING. the other day, i was driving to a party that i was early for. I saw an eagle the size of a human, in a tree. it was RIGHT by the road. i was on an interstate however, so i turned onto the exit ramp, went under, went up the interstate again, went on another exit ramp, over the interstate, down the enterance ramp, down the interstate and....he was gone.

super des said...

That's awesome. I always carry a cam too. Sometimes it pays off!

Steph said...

He's gorgeous!

I carry my camera w me everywhere, too. You just never know what you're gonna see..